Recipe: Hummus bi tahini

Someone recently asked me for my hummus recipe, so here it is!


Open the can of chickpeas and drain them. Save the water from the can for later. It has quite a nice taste and we will add some of it in the end to control the consistency of the hummus. I have also tried using dried chickpeas for the hummus, but I have found that it's not worth the trouble. Cooking them takes forever and there is not too much difference in taste in my opinion. Making hummus is pretty easy. Basically you just mix the drained chickpeas with the other ingredients (except the paprika, parsely and olive oil; these are for garnishing) and then blend it!

Will it blend? . . . Yes, it will. (it's actually quite easy to blend)

Be careful with the garlic and the lemon juice: It's easy to add too much of it the beginning, so go slow and rather add some more in the end. Both the garlic and the lemon juice should be noticeable, but the hummus should neither be really acidic nor should the garlic be dominant. The amount of garlic in the picture above was a bit too much by the way ...

If you notice during or after blending that the consistency is too thick (you probably will), you can add some of the liquid from the chickpea can to your hummus. You can also use plain water, but the chickpeas don't have much taste anyway, so adding the slightly chickpeaish water from the can certainly doesn't hurt. I have also heard that people add yoghurt to adjust the consistency, but I have not tried it.

Once you are done blending it's time for the garnish! I usually put it on a plate, drizzle it with some olive oil and sprinkle some paprika powder and chopped parsley on top. On the side I recommend some olives, vegetables (e.g. bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, ...) and crispy, warm pita bread. Enjoy!


Tasty hummus with vegetables, pita bread and a gorgeous IBM model M in the background.

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